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By: constancees

Mar 30 2015

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produce – generate (Power); “We won’t produce enough energy for the whole metropolis”; “The hydroelectric plant needs to generate extra electric power”

The brand new ebook from Maker Media will initiate you into your ecosystem with the flexible magnetic parts

create, make – create by inventive indicates; “create a poem”; “Schoenberg created twelve-tone tunes”; “Picasso created Cubism”; “Auden designed verses”

The volunteers will be simple to spot over the Games because of their exclusive uniforms, which draw on British heritage in shades of regal purple and poppy crimson.

turn in, put on – perform (performances); “They turned inside a splendid exertion”; “They turned in best jobs for the 2nd straight match”

two. a thing created. The costume designer is exhibiting his most up-to-date creations. skeppings إبداع، خَلْق، شيء مُبتَكَر творба criação výtvor die Schöpfung værk; kreation; kunstværk; skaberværk top δημιουργία ; δημιούργημα creación looming ابداع؛ ابتکار työ création יְצִירָה रचना stvaralaštvo, uradak alkotás ciptaan handverk; sköpunarverk creazione 創作品 창작물 kūrinys darbs (mākslā, zinātnē) ciptaan website my sources creatieskaperverk ; kreasjon kreacja, twór ابتکار criação creaţie творение výtvor stvaritev kreacija verk, kreation ผลงานประดิษฐ์ kreasyon; buluş 創造物 творіння اختراع، ايجاد tác phẩm 创造物 creació

skeppingskrag, skeppingsvermoë إبداعيّه، خَلْق، فَنِّيَّـه творческа способност criatividade Television setůrčí schopnost die Schaffenskraft skaberevne δημιουργικότητα creatividad loovus ابتکار؛ خلاقیت luovuus esprit de création יְצִירָתִיוּת सृजनात्मकता kreativnost alkotókészség semangat kreatif sköpunargleði; hugvitssemi creatività 創造性 창의적임 kūrybiškumas radoša pieeja company website kekreatifan creativiteitskaperevne twórczy charakter ابتکار، خلاقیت criatividade creativitate творческий дар tvorivá sila ustvarjalnost kreativnost kreativitet การมีความคิดสร้างสรรค์ yaratıcılık 有創意 творчі здібності; творча діяльність قوت تخليق، قوت اختراع، تخليقى tính sáng tạo 创造性 creativitat

preassemble, prefabricate – to manufacture sections of (a making), especially in a factory, so that they can be conveniently transported to and rapidly click her latest assembled visit this page on the making internet site of structures

From there, it’s only a issue of printing them as I obtain on line orders… or printing in bulk portions to refill for craft exhibits.

choreograph – compose a sequence of dance steps, frequently to new music; “Balanchine choreographed many parts to Stravinsky’s new music”

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